Vice President

Todd Gladden

Todd, originally from Sunnyslope, Arizona, developed a passion for sports and outdoor activities growing up. Graduating from NAU with a degree in Construction Management, he began his professional career with Rummel Construction, where he gained valuable experience for two years before joining Haydon Companies. 

Over the span of nearly 17 years with the organization, Todd has steadily grown with the company, starting as a Project Engineer to become a Project Director in Haydon’s civil division. Embracing the unconventional advice to “shut your mouth and listen,” he has cultivated a mindset of attentive observation and learning, which he eagerly imparts to others. Beyond the construction site, Todd finds solace and enjoyment in dart leagues, golfing, frisbee golf, as well as immersing himself in the tranquility of camping, hunting, and fishing adventures amidst nature’s beauty.